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Employer benefits of BuddyBoost

The Benefits.

For employers.

Mass engagement with your employees.

A way for you to promote a culture of wellbeing.

An inclusive wellbeing tool, built around community.

Easy to launch with 4 core products PLUS bespoke challenges.

Impact data & insights to inform your wellbeing strategy.

Employee benefits of BuddyBoost

For employees.

Something for everyone: activity, nutrition, stress - and more.

It works! The programmes have been academically validated.

Different challenges keep it fresh, interesting & inclusive.

Easy to do at home, in the office, during lunchtime - whenever.

Helps make connections with colleagues.


average increase in mood


of users said it created a sense of camaraderie


average enjoyment


of users want to do another challenge


shows that my company cares about my wellbeing

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700 employees from 20 different locations took part. They created a huge buzz and gave everyone a much needed mood boost. They've been so successful, they are now discussing their 4th and 5th challenges.

70% of staff said it had had a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Stagecoach BuddyBoosters
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Sky Ireland wanted something to get people focusing on their own wellbeing, as well as reinvigorating social connections between colleagues. It was so popular they have done several further challenges. 

81% said taking part in BuddyBoost motivated them to be more active.

Sky BuddyBoosters

Workplace insights.

Workplace trends and their effect on employee wellbeing. A selection of expert insights, surveys and customer feedback.

Workplace insights Guide from BuddyBoost
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