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Series highlights.

We have talked to some of the world’s pre-eminent thinkers to bring you a range of views and opinions. This compilation episode brings together the key messages from our wellbeing journey.

Who cares about workplace wellbeing?

In this episode we talk to Gethin Nadin about why organisations should care about workplace wellbeing, what is it employees need and how to start a wellbeing strategy. 

Wellbeing is great but don’t work less hard!

In this episode we talk to Nigel Marsh about work-life balance, whose responsibility it is, and how organisations who are genuinely interested in employee wellbeing should act.

How to build a culture of wellbeing.

In this episode we talk to Stephen Bevan about why we're measuring the wrong wellbeing outputs and how to create a culture of wellbeing at work.

100% of the output for 80% of the time.

In this episode we talk to Charlotte Lockhart about why working just 4 days is becoming more popular, how it works across all sectors and boosts productivity. 

Wellbeing isn't an off the shelf product.

In this episode we talk to Dr. Alex Young about whether the wellbeing market needs regulation and soft skills behaviour change that actually sticks.

Wellbeing is not about beanbags!

In this episode we talk to Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE about how companies should handle wellbeing, and why we should be looking to the boss to aid staff retention.

Being kind is definitely not being soft.

In this episode we talk to Janet Leighton about how to create a culture where wellbeing comes first and communication and autonomy are key.

Why ED&I is central to employee wellbeing.

In this episode we talk to Sandi Wassmer about the relationship between ED&I and employee wellbeing and why culture fit should be cultural contribution. 

Is work-life balance actually a con?

In this episode we talk to William Tincup about if work-life balance really exists and look at how organisations are looking at employee financial wellbeing.

From the top floor to the shop floor.

In this episode we talk to Sam Blevins about the importance of the senior leadership team in wellbeing initiatives, and how communication is key to success. 

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