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How it works.

When taking part in a challenge, employees buddy-up into groups of up to 12. In the app’s private Buddies page, the group provides support and encouragement for each other – and the accountability to make sure everyone sticks at it! You don't have to be physically in the same place as your buddies - you just need to encourage and boost each other to hit your daily target!


BuddyBoosters with Buddies
BuddyBooster communities


At BuddyBoost we believe in the power of the group. That’s why each of our clients gets their own, branded Community Feed, which is where the real magic happens. It’s even been described as the rocket-fuel for engagement. It’s a great space for colleagues to feel connected, cheer each other on and even make new work friends. We love it and our clients love it too! 

Why 26?

26 days a month is pretty much 6 days per week, so you can have the odd day off and still hit the target! It’s also enough days to start you on the path to new habits. For our BuddyBoost Active and Timeout challenges, 26 minutes a day also aligns with medical advice on exercise and anxiety reduction.It's less than half an hour, so it feels more achievable & easier to fit into your day.  

BuddyBoosters doing 26 minutes of activity
BuddyBooster habits

Healthy habits.

To have a lasting impact, we believe that a workplace wellbeing solution needs 4 key elements: 

  • Context and knowledge, giving people the information to actively make the right choices.  

  • Support and maintain by using behavioural nudges along the way.

  • Enable by providing solutions that are accessible to all.

  • The involvement of management to normalise a culture of wellbeing.

Management buy-in.

It's all well and good telling your employees to take a lunch, or finish work on time. But, if this isn't reflected in the behaviour of senior leadership, it's unlikely to work.

With BuddyBoost everyone is involved - and
when people can see their manager taking 26 minutes to go for a walk or take a timeout during the day, then it gives everyone permission to do the same. The challenge format and community feed are brilliant opportunities for management to engage with their people and create a culture of wellbeing.

Senior leaders doing BuddyBoost

Our wellbeing products.

BuddyBoost Active

Boosting physical and mental wellbeing through regular exercise.


A fun, month-long challenge addressing four key pillars of good health.


Learning the science of sleep and tips to encourage better sleeping.


Looking at brain health and tips to tackle stress and anxiety.

BuddyBoost Good Food

Helping people make better eating choices and developing healthy habits.


Helping workers reflect and find the work-life balance they deserve.

BuddyBoost Green

Learning about sustainable living and how we can all make a difference.


Kindness makes us feel good and makes life a little better for everyone. 

BuddyBoost Timeout

Having a break from the stresses of your day by doing something you enjoy.


Empowering workers with knowledge and support on the menopause.


A bespoke programme to engage your people in the things that matter.

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