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Case studies.

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The challenge.

Having gone through a substantial restructure in the previous 12 months, the John Lewis Partnership wanted something that not only inspired their Partners to be more active, but also helped to build togetherness across the business. 

The outcome.

With nearly 1,000 people from all areas of the Partnership joining in – from Head Office to shops, contact centres and manufacturing – the level of engagement surpassed anything the Wellbeing team had seen in the past. As well as the direct benefit to participants’ wellbeing of a 28% mood boost over the month, the Community Feed in the BuddyBoost app was full of Partners supporting and cheering each other on. We are now discussing a range of different challenges to help the Partnership be healthier and happier in 2023. 


Reported themselves as happy or very happy after doing their daily activity


Posts, comments & boosts during the challenge

I would recommend BuddyBoost to any business as a really inclusive, simple and fun way to get your employees moving and connecting. 

Activity is so important
- so this July we set our Partners a challenge to be active together. When you set yourself a goal and do this with others you're more likely to stick to it. The engagement was simply amazing.  

Sam Blevins
Health & Wellbeing Development Manager

Picture of some happy BuddyBoosters on bikes from the John Lewis Challenge
Picture of a happy BuddyBooster  on a walk from the John Lewis Challenge
Picture of a BuddyBooster doing some exercise from the John Lewis Challenge


Did little or no exercise before taking part in BuddyBoost

The best bit was the community boosting & comments... checking out the pictures for inspiration is cool. 


Stagecoach client logo

The challenge.

Stagecoach Group originally came to BuddyBoost as they wanted their employees to focus on their wellbeing and also get back some of the social connections they had lost during the pandemic. 

The outcome.

In their first challenge, 700 employees from 20 different locations took part in their BuddyBoost Active challenge. It created a huge buzz and gave everyone a much-needed mood boost.  BuddyBoost has been so successful, that we’ve now gone on to do 3 challenges, including Timeout, and we’re now working with Stagecoach management to deliver a bespoke charity challenge and even to deliver challenges that help with employee learning & development! 


Said that taking part in BuddyBoost motivated them to be more active


Said that BuddyBoost had a positive impact on their overall wellbeing

This has been one of the best things I have been involved in. The continued support from you all has been so amazing. We have all done this for so many different reasons, but the one thing remained the same - we all worked as a fantastic team.

Emma K

Stagecoach BuddyBooster
Stagecoach BuddyBooster
Stagecoach BuddyBooster


wanted to take part in another challenge this year

We wanted a challenge that could help us be healthier, happier and able to connect in a fun way with colleagues that we havent been able to see over the last year. It’s bringing together people that wouldn’t normally work together or have any reason to connect. I’m hearing that our teams have boosted their mental wellbeing and their physical wellbeing, living a better life at work away from the steering wheel and the PC screens.

Carla Stockton-Jones
UK Managing Director at Stagecoach Group

West Berkshire Council client logo

The challenge.

West Berks Council took part in a multi-organisation BuddyBoost Active challenge in April 2021 - along with Berkshire NHS staff and other borough councils. They enjoyed it so much that they’ve gone on to commission three more BuddyBoost challenges! 

The outcome.

In their first Active challenge, 200 WBC employees took part - with a really good showing from the leadership team. The challenge delivered an overall 26% mood boost & was so popular they signed-up to two more challenges, with another Active one for October 2022 and either Timeout or Good Food to follow soon after. 


Said that taking part in BuddyBoost motivated them to be more active


Said that BuddyBoost had a positive impact on their overall wellbeing

BuddyBoost proved to be much more than just about physical activity. The community engagement and peer support were powerful aspects and it really created a buzz among our employees. BuddyBoost seemed especially effective among those who were less active, which is just what we wanted. There is definitely demand within our organisation to do it again.

Matthew Pearce
West Berkshire Council

A group of outdoor BuddyBoosters from the  West Berkshire Active Challenge
A BuddyBooster doing watersports from the  West Berkshire Active Challenge
West Berkshire Council BuddyBooster


wanted to take part in another challenge this year

It really helped to have some human interaction, albeit online. Working from home is tough. The challenge made me go out and then share my achievements and be proud of them.


West Berkshire
Sky client logo

The challenge.

As Sky Ireland was emerging from Lockdown in 2021 it wanted something to get people focusing on their own wellbeing, as well as reinvigorating social connections between colleagues. To help with this, they chose a BuddyBoost Active Challenge. 

The outcome.

In their first challenge, nearly 25% of the whole organisation took part. It has been so popular they have done 3 BuddyBoost Active challenges in the space of 12 months. In fact, BuddyBoost made such a positive impact that Sky Ireland recommended it to their other Sky colleagues, and we are now doing a bespoke challenge with the Sky Customer Service Group.  


Said that taking part in BuddyBoost motivated them to be more active


Said that BuddyBoost built a sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues

A BuddyBooster doing yoga from the Sky active Challenge
A hiking BuddyBooster from the Sky active Challenge
Sky BuddyBooster


wanted to take part in another challenge this year

Sky Ireland embraced BuddyBoost from top to bottom and we really enjoyed the challenge. It was great to see everyone in the community feed, especially as we werent seeing each other in the office.

I could definitely sense BuddyBoost was having a positive effect on the mood of the organisation and it was great to have that confirmed through the data in the app & the post-campaign report.

JD Buckley
CEO Sky Ireland

I found the challenge beneficial physically and mentally. I now intend to get more healthy and I aim to do some exercise at least a few days each week.


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