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Wellbeing is great but don’t work less hard!

In this episode of That Wellbeing @ Work Show, host Chris Taylor talks to author, speaker, and former ad agency CEO Nigel Marsh whose Ted Talk on ‘Work-Life’ balance remains one of the platforms most popular talks. In an uncompromising and sometimes explicit interview, Nigel argues it’s up to the individual to set boundaries on work and it’s moronic to think organisations are going to do this for you.

Has the pandemic made the work-life balance more achievable? [01:22]

Nigel recorded his Ted Talk in 2010 and argues that the pandemic will have little impact on work-life balance as human drivers remain the same.

Who has responsibility for work-life balance? [05:37]

The economist John Maynard Keynes during a speech in Madrid in 1930 that by 2030 and because of technology, humans would have ‘oceans’ of free time. Yes the tech has freed up more time but we have filled this time by doing more work. All we have done is used the advantage to work even harder.

Abatoirs of the Human Soul [08:59]

Nigel argues that many organisations are not genuinely interested in wellbeing and ‘it’s all a trick.’ Yes the firm might have policies in place that on the surface seem like they care but you’d need to be a workaholic to just meet the targets.

Enable, Model and Nudge [12:01]

Nigel explains how organisations who are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their employees should act.

Category Norms [19:20]

Nigel explains why in some jobs and sectors it’s impossible and frankly arrogant for an employee to insist upon work-life balance. You just need to suck it up!

People, Product, Profit? [22:33]

The truth is that if you want to be a more profitable business, then people have to come last and the so called experts who tell you something else are lying!


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